5 Ways to Customize Your YouTube Channel for Video Marketing

Video content marketing is the solution to the general marketing challenges of your business. Most of the video marketing videos created are viewed on marketing channels online and not televisions. Youtube has been used by many business owners to market their product and services. This method has proved to be very successful. Most of these businesses have realized that YouTube marketing does not guarantee many viewers but rather the opportunity to be found by prospects searching for your product or service. This increases the number of potential new customers. Since everyone is rushing to it, you have to be smart and unique to get the most viewers. Below are some of the ways on how you can customize YouTube channels to get the most out of it in terms of marketing:

 1. Create Attractive Video Content

Like the video above, you should avoid creating long and boring videos to market your products. Your videos should be elegant, to the point and very interesting. During the pre-production phase of your production, try and incorporate what Seth Godin calls your ‘purple cow’. You should create videos that will capture your viewers’ attention, thus enabling them to know more about your products in an interesting way.

2. Create Videos That Are Easy To Find

Create videos that target what your audience is most likely to search. You should have it in mind that videos also appear on the very first page of many search engines. That is where video SEO comes in. When your videos are easy to find they will appear on the search engines without necessarily going to the videos option. The title of the video should contain the keywords of what you are aiming to market to your viewers.

3. Use Annotations

Using annotations on your YouTube Videos (credit: YouTube.com)

Using annotations on your YouTube Videos (credit: YouTube.com)

Annotations are a feature unique to YouTube that enables you to link other related YouTube videos and other YouTube channels from your video. This feature is useful since it enable you to guide viewers to see your other videos on Youtube. Annotations do not allow the linking to videos on other sites apart from YouTube. You should also create a playlist of the videos that market your product to the best or the ones with the most views and place it in annotations.

4. Place Links on The Videos

You can include your website’s link in your video on YouTube. This will enable those viewers that are interested in your products to easily access your website and learn more about them. You can be clever with using these links as well. By referencing the link in the video and telling your video viewers to click on it, you can drive significant traffic to your website and e-commerce products. 

5. Create a Custom Background

Creating a custom background for your YouTube channel will make your channel look unique and personal.  You can include your logo in the videos.  This way, your viewers will easily identify the product on the video. Also the colors in the background should match your branding. This will enable viewers to associate your channel with you, and they will be coming back for more videos whenever you upload new ones on your channel.


If you use the above tactics when creating your video marketing content, then, you can be sure to get the best returns from your investment in video marketing on YouTube.  As long as your video is interesting and is about your business, video marketing is the solution to marketing your business. Yur sales are likely to increase after implementing this strategy.

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