5 Ways Lead Generation & Inbound Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Lead generation is one of the more important tasks for many types of businesses—you can only make sales or conversions if you have the right kind of leads. So, when it comes time to develop those leads, how do you do it? Cold calling, direct marketing and other methods will help you reach new clients. However, one of the best methods of generating leads is by utilizing inbound marketing.

The cost benefits alone associated with inbound marketing are reason enough to entertain the idea of implementing an inbound marketing strategy.

Take a look at these five ways that inbound marketing can positively affect your lead generation efforts.

Unique Content Creates Connections and Conversions

  • Unique content boosts your traffic from search engines; that is inbound marketing’s first lesson. However, it can also help with lead generation. Use your content as a chance to forge connections with your customers. Forging these connections will help you with turning potential leads into actual leads.

Be Ready To Respond

  • When you are utilizing inbound marketing, do not leave your incoming channels unmanned. Be ready to answer those emails, notice the live chat requests or field phone calls. Inbound marketing that does not have the support team around to respond to it will not succeed.

Lead Generation Means Going viral

  • Viral videos, audios or photos are one of the best ways to get noticed. Find ways to go viral with your outreach efforts. You will find that you gain leads in this manner just because of the huge number of potential leads with whom you connect. Sometimes it is a matter of casting a wide net to catch a few fish.

Be Mobile Friendly

  • More people than ever before are accessing content on their smartphones. Find out how your page displays on android and iPhone devices. This can make a big difference in your ability to attract new customers to your business. Inbound marketing only works if the customers can utilize your services once the find you

Keep It Simple

  • There are so many inbound marketing schemes today, but the best programs are often the simplest. Find ways to keep it simple to avoid alienating potential clients. Simplicity is never a bad thing. Spend some time working out a plan for now and into the future. Keeping your goals clear will help you to better reach them–now and in the future.

In summery, create unique content, be ready to respond, go viral with your videos, be mobile friendly, and keep it simple. By implementing these strategies your business will be on the right track to success in 2013. You can capitalize on our inbound marketing and lead generation expertise by downloading our free ebook: 7 Steps to Online Marketing Success. Enjoy!

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