5 Video Topics to Consider When Producing A Corporate Video

When it comes to corporate promotion, product promotion and brand recognition, there are few tools that can be as effective and as efficient as a corporate video. When corporate sales teams look for video production in Atlanta, they want a company that can take full advantage of a video in as many areas of promotion as possible and we can take care of all of them. While the initial premise for the video may only involve one aspect of promotion, here are some other ways a video can be leveraged in promotional venues:

Corporate Video Topics:

  • Broadcast Commercials – Commercials on television or cable.
  • Promo Videos – Videos to be sent to customers or to be used in kiosks and other areas
  • E-Commerce Product Videos – Videos specifically designed to highlight products or services online
  • Overview Videos – Videos designed to promote overall corporate goals or general product or service concepts and ideas
  • Online Video Series – Promotional videos which are designed to be viewed as a series which may have an instructional basis to encourage potential clients and customers to repetitively view content

When developing video content for promotional and sales purposes, much of that content can be repackaged and used as content for other video purposes. This is especially true when putting together an online video series since much of the video content can be recycled while the core content will be changed. TalenZoo.com is a great example of how content can be repurposed.

Being able to recycle video content enables us to save money and time during the video production process and enables us to provide customers with video sets with the same “look and feel” which is very important when it comes to corporate branding and providing customers with familiar themes to reinforce the promotional message. Consistent branding and familiarity with products and services leads to more customer interaction.

For companies considering promotional videos for one area, the ability to utilize the same video and reuse video segments to produce new video content allows them to reach farther into both cyberspace as well as brick-and-mortar areas. We can help you to not only get the most bang for your video buck. but to reach customers you had no idea you could reach.

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