5 Tips For More Effective Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential to any internet marketers arsenal. Taking advantage of these 5 landing page best practices can increase your landing page conversion rates. You have 3 seconds to make an impact before your prospect signs up or leaves. Time to make your landing pages highly effective.

Effective Landing Pages

1. Explain the value of the offer:

Don’t expect your prospect to know right away the value that they will receive by completing your landing page. It’s very important that you convey this at the top of the page and immediately.

2. Use Bullet Points:

Bullet points like in this article, help organize information and convey it rapidly. You can glance down this article and quickly see the main 5 tips. Use bullet points to show your prospect the value that they will receive by completing the form and receiving the offer.

3. Keep Forms Short:

There’s not to much to explain here. Have you ever gotten to a landing page and found that you have 3 pages of stuff you need to fill out? You don’t fill it out, so why would anyone else?

4. Place Content Above the Fold:

Make sure that all of your most important copy is above the fold. (what is above the fold? Everything that you can see before you have to scroll.) If you have to scroll, the content is not important. If your visitor won’t scroll down and see the remainder of the offer and value proposition. Bummer, so keep the good above the fold.

5. Include an Image:

Who doesn’t like a nice looking image? If the landing page show how you’re going to save that person time, have a stopwatch. If it’s how you’re going to make them grow faster, have arrows or charts as photos. Photos capture peoples attention and then they read your copy. Use images to increase your landing page conversion rates.

So, make sure you use these five tips: Value, Bullets, Short, Above, Photos and you’re on your way to becoming a master of landing pages. Click the link if you would like to review a previous article written about using video to increase your leads. If you have any questions or opinions, please leave a comment below. Enjoy!

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