3 Ways Video Production Benefits Local Attorney Marketing

Attorneys have an increasingly competitive market and many are looking to set themselves apart from the rest. Incorporating video marketing can greatly benefit your local attorney marketing. We’ll go through three reasons why a professional video production is what attorneys need to differentiate themselves in a cluttered market. The video above is an example website welcome video that we produced to benefit a local debt collection attorney.

1. Dominate the Local Search Results with Video Thumbnails

Getting your content ranked well on Google is a priority for any inbound marketing strategy. A way that you can grab more of the researcher’s attention is with video thumbnails. Google introduced video thumbnails within the search results sometime ago and with it came a lot of excitement for law firm marketing. With our research we have found that Google serves video thumbnails on many keyword searches that relate to law firms and attorneys. There are usually only a few video thumbnails per search results page so the competition is rather tight. You might take advantage of a video SEO service to help you.

 2. Video Drives More Traffic To Your Website

Given that Videos in global search results have a 41% higher click through rate than simple plain text links you’re going to increase your traffic. Why are videos getting more clicks? We are a visual society and video is engaging and attractive. We are watching more and more video and if the thumbnail looks like what we are looking for, we are going to choose to watch a video over reading. Capitalizing on the high video click-thru rate means that the more videos you have available the greater the opportunity for people to visit your website.

3. Video Engages Your Audience More Than Text

One goal of your marketing campaign is engaging prospects and for longer periods of time. Research has found that video has 400% higher engagement than text. Increasing the odds of client engagement by 400% is a fantastic number. You’ll also find that videos engage your prospect for longer periods of time as well. Building a relationship with a prospect takes time and that begins with engagement.


Video is an important and exciting medium that attorneys and law firms can benefit from. Video content attracts, engages, and connects you with your ideal prospects. Not using video means that you’re not getting the most out of your marketing and internet presence. Getting started can be as simple as filming your video content yourself or hiring a partner like DCD, an Atlanta video production company to help you through the process. Please leave your questions and feedback in the comments below.


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photo credit: swanksalot