3 Things About Corporate Video Production You Need To Know [VIDEO]

Whether you are producing your first corporate video production or you’re a well seasoned veteran, there are certain things that you need to know to make your life better. We are not talking about how corporate video alone is going to get you on the beach and retire in 3 months or less, but certainly we will cover 3 things you should know about it. I truly believe that video has such a wide range of uses that it’s going to be really hard to limit this article to only 3 aspects of corporate videos so I might write a series down the road.

1. Corporate Video Production Quality Reflects Cost

Video production in general has such a wide range of budgets and production values. Some will argue that you get what you pay for, while other will say that you can produce nearly anything within a budget. My opinion is that there is a time and place for everything and if your budget syncs with your creative vision than you’re going to get the most out of your video.

What does this mean? Traditionally corporate video production has been very expensive for companies to invest into. Within the past few years this concept has been shattered with hundreds if not thousands of small video production boutiques popping up. With the advent of DSLR cameras such as the 5D Mark III and less expensive Cinema cameras like the Black Magic, the initial entry point to produce a high quality video is much lower. There are some setbacks however. Many times production crews lack pre-production skills and this directly impacts the quality of work.

2. Corporate Videos Must Be Entertaining

Who watches a movie that is boring? You might watch the first few minutes and if the plot doesn’t get going or the script is hard to follow, you’re going to turn it off. Apply this example to your video. If your video is unentertaining, disorganized and boring, you might be better off not showing your video to your prospects.

Incorporating humor into your video is an effective way to bond with your video viewers. It certainly needs to fit your business and company culture however a little bit of humor can go a long way. When humor is used correctly to convey your company message, it removes common barriers and eases the viewer’s resistance to your message.

3. Corporate Videos Need to Drive Home Your Message

What is your video about? Many companies lose sight of their messaging when they start producing their first video. When the message get distorted or there is too much going on, the viewer will loose interest quickly. This is a major, no no. Usually this happens from a lack of Pre-production planning and video outline. So, get your act together and create an outline for your video. Creating a video outline is an essential step in producing your video. [Read more about the video production process] This gives you the basis to produce your video. It provides a check list of sorts to make sure that you include your most important company message and in the best order. This will lead the viewer in the right direction of what your service or product is all about.


To conclude this article lets review the main points: Quality reflects cost, Entertain your audience, and drive your message home. I’m not saying that if you want a successful video you have to spend a lot of money, but you have to spend money in the right place. Keep your viewers entertained and they will remember your message. Plan your video production with a video outline so that you can stay on track. If you incorporate these recommendations you should see results.

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