3 Facebook Tips for your Business that are Quick & Easy

Here are 3 Facebook business page tips that you can implement today.

Creating Lasting Relationships With Engaging Content

You must post engaging and meaningful content.  Some reasons why people are engaged with businesses on Facebook are because companies are providing special offers, coupons, sweepstakes, and contests.   These are certainly excellent ways for your company to gain fans and grow your social media presence, however they don’t make for lasting relationships.   A goal that your company should have with its Social Media Marketing Campaign should be to build rapport and customer loyalty.  You can achieve these strategic goals by creating regular and engaging content that your clients want. Posting interesting blog articles (from your blog or others), photos, videos, etc are excellent resources for content.

Thank Your Fans For Their Participation.

This is a no brainer. If someone participates, thank them!  This additionally becomes a conversation starter and marketing avenue for new clients, by showing up in their friends Facebook news feed.  Remember, keep the one-on-one interaction personal and you’ll cultivate true facebook fans and likes.

Don’t Use Facebook To Sell Your Product; Use Facebook To Sell Your Brand.

Nobody wants to be sold to on Facebook. It’s not the reason why people use it.  Facebook is a perfect way to share, interact, and cultivate relationships with your customers… not to sell to them. They already like your brand, probably have bought a product of yours and might even have talked about it with a friend.  Don’t give them a reason to not like you on Facebook with spammy content.

I hope you enjoy implementing these 3 quick and easy tips for your Facebook business page. Remember, if you have any questions send me an email or leave a comment.

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  1. Hey David! Great blog – especially your point about thanking your audience. Engagement is the name of the game and many social media managers forget about the 2nd paragraph (re: Michael Stelzner – Social Media Success Summit 2011) that is: a thank you that goes beyond the words and continues the conversation with that person, while strengthening the relationship with the brand. Good stuff! Thanks 🙂

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