10 Video Content Tips to Boost your Social Media Marketing

Producing quality videos can be a daunting task. Never fear, here are ten video content tips for you to consider and incorporate into your next social media marketing campaign. Use these tips to make better videos, make them more shareable and especially more useful.

Video Content Tips

  1. Keep it short – under 2 minutes is best practice
  2. Change it around – different scene, different angle, different image
  3. Be yourself –  use bullet points from an outline, don’t script everything
  4. The first 10 seconds are vital – capture your viewer immediately
  5. Offer your audience video content that is relevant to them.
  6. Don’t just make content – make content worth it and valuable
  7. Be open and transparent – people love the behind-the-scenes look of companies
  8. Answer peoples questions
  9. Require an opt-in form to increase your subscriber list
  10. Don’t over use industry terminology – K.I.S.S.

Hopefully in your next corporate video or commercial, you’re able to incorporate these video tips. Social media is an incredible way to distribute your video content. The key is in offering good content to your audience. These 10 video content tips will help your social media marketing campaigns.

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David Caron is the Founder & CEO of DCD Agency, a video centric inbound marketing agency in Atlanta, GA. He's passionate about helping businesses grow by leveraging video content within inbound marketing campaigns. David and his Agency have created award winning videos and websites and have been trusted by Fortune 500 companies, universities, small businesses and companies just like yours as an extension of their marketing department. Connect with him on Twitter @DavidCaronDC.
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